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Computer Anesthesia

It is possible to forget about painful and unpleasant sensations in the dentist chair because in our dentistry we possess an alternative to usual syringes and needles - computer anesthesia Dental Hi Tec.
It can be also called the system of one tooth anesthesia. Advantages of Computer Anesthesia:

1. The procedure is fast and painless;
2. Anesthesia of only one tooth;
3. There's no numbness of tongue, lips, which greatly reduces discomfort;
4. A significantly smaller amount of anesthetic is introduced;
5. Reducing patient's stress and anxiety, because instead of the usual needle, you see something that looks like a pen;
6. The speed of the amount of anesthetic is controlled by the apparatus;
7. A safe program provides the guarantee of it not getting into the vessels, which may cause a patient's sick feeling and additional discomfort;
8. Computer anesthesia is suitable for all types of stomatologiсal services.