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Computer 3D Diagnostics

Today, practically any dental procedure requires a clear diagnosis based on data obtained on an accurate and safe for patient diagnostic equipment. Our dentistry is the first in Sambir, it is equipped with the modern computer tomographic scanner MyRay Hyperion X9, which allows getting clear and high-quality 3D images in a few minutes. Given the fact that the device emits a very low dose of irradiation, and the process of scanning lasts 15 seconds.

The indications for 3D diagnostics are:
1. Establishing a clear diagnosis that allows making the right treatment plan.
2. Preparation for implantation and it’s control afterwords.
3. Detection of tumours and cysts in the dentofacial area.
4. Identification of teeth that have not erupted.
5. Diseases of the upper jaw (maxillary) sinuses.

With the help of computer tomography, the doctor receives three-dimensional images in different planes, and not only in one, unlike our usual X-ray image. Also, our clinic is able to make a panoramic dental image.